Description The MLX90640 SparkFun IR Array Breakout is equipped with a 32x24 array of thermopile sensors creating, in essence, a low resolution thermal imaging camera. With this breakout you can detect surface temperatures from many feet away with an accuracy of +-1.5C (best case).
The Proto Shield gives you the ability to easily extend your OpenMV Cam's functionality. It features a 10x10 through-hole prototyping area with a 3.3V rail and a GND rail that are connected to your OpenMV Cam's 3.3V rail and GND rail. The rest of the I/O pins are left unconnected to let you build what you want.
The MLX90640 Thermal Camera Breakout Board is perfect for building into projects - industrial, scientific, or just fun - and much more affordable than most thermal cameras. The breakout makes it easy to use the camera with your Raspberry Pi or Arduino, using I2C and 3-6 V supply. sudo pip3 install seeed-python-mlx90640. if you want to update the driver locally from PyPI. you can use: pip3 install --upgrade seeed-python-mlx90640 Step3. Check if the i2c device works properly, 0x33 is the MLX90640 i2c address. i2cdetect -y -r 1. If your Raspberry Pi connects well with MLX90640 IR thermal camera, you will get the result ...
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