Direct bolt-on assembled cylinder heads for Big Block Ford 429 and 460 engines and Super Stock racers. No port profiling or bowl blending of ports. They offer improved power for greater throttle response and top-end power throughout the rpm range.
From Carb to EFI on just a fistful of dollars… Updated 3/3/09 – Added dyno chart showing comparison of readings taken on old vs new dyno. Objective of this Article This article will walk you through the process of installing a MegaSquirt EFI system on a classic carb’d vehicle attempting to go the least expensive…
With AFR’s new big block Ford “Bullitt” heads your Ford is going to roar making some serious horsepower! Official Release : AFR’S New Big Block Ford “Bullitt” CNC ported cylinder heads with stock or .250” raised exhaust ports, now in 270cc, 285cc and 300cc intake runner versions; 75cc or 88cc combustion chambers now available. Trick Flow Specialties TFS-5341T010-C01 - Trick Flow® PowerPort® 325 Cylinder Heads for Ford 429/460. Cylinder Head, PowerPort® 325, CNC Comp Ported, Assy, 78cc CNC Chambers, 1.64" Spr, Ti Ret, Ford 429/460, Each
JUST GO FAST™ & CONTACT US; U.S Toll Free: 877.892.8844; U.S & International: 661.257.8124; [email protected]
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